No new insider information but since so many of you are fans, I thought I’d share this lovely sighting from a reader named Candice in Toronto: “So yesterday I am having lunch with my friend at our new favourite – Patisserie on Harbord in the off-Annex. We are just finishing our meal when a tall gorgeous fella walks in with a petit blond - he looks a little scruffy and a little on the slender side but one look from under that ball cap and my knees got weak. Then I did the double take- was that the most romantic on-screen and off couple right here in front of me? Uh huh – yeppers- The place is perfect- there would be no one on Harbord who cares to bother them. Anywho – it was just exciting to see them. So- they are beautiful, they were standing so close to each other that they could have been one person, he held the door for her – it was nice to witness the love.” There, gossips. Wasn’t that your warm and fuzzy for the day?