Exclusive smut.

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson shacking up together in Beverly Hills. Very cute. Very sexy. And chills, chills, chills.

The weekend started out rather innocuously. Ryan, Scarlett, and her brother went shopping. She spent two hours buying clothes for her sibling, Ryan waited patiently. To avoid getting papped, each leaves 15 seconds apart so that they’re never in the same frame.

The couple spent the night at Ryan’s where he woke up super early Sunday morning to walk her dog. Photos can be viewed at Flynet. 

Then, like other good citizens, Ryan and Scarlett went to Church. The Church of Xenu. Yes, gossips. The Church of Scientology. My sources tell me exclusively that the two allegedly spent over 2 hours inside presumably learning about Thetans.

Ryan and Scarlett – future disciples of Tom Cruise?

Xenu is powerful, non? Praise Xenu! Ah-Thetan!