It’s a longshot but wouldn’t it be nice??? Here they are on the set of their new movie Rendition looking super comfortable, super compatible – much, much too soon of course…unless like Brad the marriage was over long ago? Unless like Brad her heart had given up way before it was official? Then of course, if that’s the case, she could head up yet another Golden Romance, right? A brand new sunkissed relationship with someone MUCH hotter than wee Ryan Phillippe? Seriously…isn’t Jakey sexy when he’s flirty? Damn. I like. I like a LOT. And I hope a lot too…if only to stop the endless Toothy Tile speculation (said it a thousand times, I do NOT think Jake is gay and for what it’s worth, neither do any of my sources, some of whom have worked closely with him), to say nothing of the challenge their offspring would pose for my Celebrity Baby Theory. Pray Goddess, let it be so. Source