Exclusive photos of Ryan Reynolds in Vancouver today working out before heading to the Wolverine set. As you can see, he looks great, clean cut and ripped, and beautiful Hollywood skin. Does he wear foundation to the gym too? Jokes! Chill!

Ryan wraps in a few days and will likely be heading back to LA. Enjoy it while you can Vancouver.

Also a great story about Hugh Jackman. Yesterday my friend Kiu, married to one of my besties Fiona, went for a noon hour workout. Kiu found himself next to Hugh Jackman in the change room. So they started talking. And Kiu told him about the Freebie Five, informing Hugh that Hugh was on Fiona’s Freebie Five, then told him he’d appreciate it if he could get the hell out of town as soon as possible before Fiona was able to make it happen. Hugh loved the story, they shared a good laugh and ABBA was playing on the speakers. He seemed to like that as well.

Point of the story?

1. Hugh Jackman is super nice to regular people and
2. Hugh Jackman paid more attention to my friend Kiu than he did to Kevin Federline Junior, husband of Tori Spelling.


Photos from Punkd Images