Ryan Reynolds has brought Blake Lively home to Vancouver for the pre-holidays. On Monday the two were out for sushi with his family. Am told the two seemed very comfortable together. She smiled a lot. He looked relaxed and happy. No awkwardness from/with his parents. They also went out for cupcakes. Then yesterday they were seen shopping all over the west side.

This is more. More than Scarlett Johansson wants it to be. This might actually be very, very serious. Ryan doesn’t f-ck around when it comes to the Canadian side of his life, the family part of his life. You know some people, they introduce every single boyfriend to their parents? Others, they attach a higher significance to it. I’m saying Blake has become significant.

The ultimate test of How Did She DO That?

So far, at press time, StarTraks, that lucky photo agency that managed to secure every exclusive set of photos of Blake and Ryan together including the kissing shots in Utah and the two out in New York, has yet to photograph the couple in Vancouver. Can the local paps - with no affiliation to Blake - get the money shot before she gives it up to StarTraks?

If she can manage a StarTraks photo opportunity in his home town? OMG she totally owns his ass. Will keep you posted.