Ryan Reynolds on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I’m not totally sure what he’s promoting. But he’s a great talk show guest. Good energy, quippy, fun, and he’s hilarious during Egg Roulette, which might be the best game Fallon has on his list. And it’s already a really strong list. Can you imagine that being your job? Just come up with sh-t to do with celebrities that’s one part gross, one part comedy, and all entertainment?

So anyway, Reynolds, he smashes some eggs on his head, he’s witty, he makes jokes…

And he calls the baby Baby. During a discussion about how the baby doesn’t sleep, the two of them refer to the baby exclusively as The Baby. Fallon, as you’ll hear, opens the discussion with The Baby. Because while it’s been reported (first erroneously as Violet) that the baby’s name is James, it doesn’t count until the parents make the reveal.

As you know, they’re holding the reveal.

It’s getting kind of precious, non?

But that builds the anticipation for the strategised unveiling, right? In VOGUE? To coincide with the release of Blake Lively’s The Age Of Adaline?

I like this haircut on him though. Looks good.