Arguments for:
- It’s been a great year. He is suddenly the most versatile actor in Hollywood: successful at romantic comedies, earning critical acclaim for his indie work in Buried, soon to be The Green Lantern, with a crowd-pleasing appearance at Comic-Con to placate all the geeks, and possessing enough man cred to have studio approval for two projects lined up with both Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper.
- Married to Scarlett Johansson, faithful, no drama, and comparatively not a famewhore.
- Philanthropic, intelligent, and socially active
- That body

Arguments against:
- You never want to peak too early. Lantern isn’t due out for 8 months. There is a strategy in place to build the momentum, and kicking it off this way might not be the right move.
- Though he’s had great professional success in the last 2 years, some still question whether Reynolds can open a major movie on his own with Sandra Bullock. Lantern is his test.
- He is married to one of the hottest bombshells in the business. The housewives might hold this against him.
- Reynolds is very private. He may not want to open himself up this way.
- His privacy could also work against him. Unlike many stars on his level, much about what he’s really like remains unknown. The MiniVan Majority wants someone they think they know. Whether or not they know the truth is irrelevant. There has to be at the very least the illusion of knowing. And Ryan Reynolds hasn’t sold himself to the extent that others have.
- Reynolds is Canadian. More often than not, the SMA is American. And given that it’s the 25th anniversary of the issue, People Magazine may be leaning towards a homeboy.

Odds: 15 to 1

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