Arguments for:

  • He is willingly photographed bare-chested, and often. Milk and cookies goodlooking. Works out often
  • Starred in 2 very successful films this year: Wolverine and The Proposal
  • Did a good job hosting Saturday Night Live to cap off a great summer
  • Beat out other beefers to win the role of Green Lantern and is also getting his own X spin-off
  • Married to one of the most desirable women in the world
  • He would want it. His massive f-cking ego would want it

Arguments against:

  • Milk and cookies is bland
  • Wolverine was all Jackman. The Proposal was all Sandra Bullock
  • He’s a dick
  • Ryan and Scarlett walk around scowling at the paps, grumbling about the perils of fame. It can be perceived as ungrateful
  • He’s Canadian. Married to an American, yes. But he’s Canadian. Can the USA handle back to back non Americans? Sure. But that’s an exception they’d make for someone younger, and British

Odds: 15 to 1