We’ve known that it’s James for a while now. But we’ve never heard it from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds…until now.

Reynolds is doing press for The Woman In Gold, opening April 1. Jesus, it is April already???

Anyway, during an interview with The Today Show, Ryan confirmed that his daughter’s name is indeed JAMES. So, yes, they called her James. Of course they called her James. That’s why I was predicting they would call her Grey. It’s in the same spirit.

He also insists in this discussion that the reason he was confirming it now is because it’s already out there, so he doesn’t have to be the first to put it out there. Because he doesn’t want to answer to her when she’s a grownup when she asks him, why did you put my name out there…

Like, somehow, that would be an invasion of her privacy…?


So it’s inconceivable then that the name would have been leaked to a publication first and THEN, later on, at an opportune time, confirmed by one of the parents?

You’d never, ever believe that, would you? Celebrities don’t do that sh-t.

PS. I like his hair like this.

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