Sulky Ryan says he’s not sulky

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 29, 2009 12:53:14 July 29, 2009 12:53:14

Yesterday I posted this story originating from Fox 411 about Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson scrapping before Comic-Con resulting in him bailing from the convention after a foot stomping tantrum.

Scarlett fulfilled her duties at Comic-Con but Ryan was absent which means she came out of the drama looking like a star, and he came out smelling like sh-t, which might be why he instructed his people to kill it right away, resulting in this article just posted on People denying that the fight ever happened.

According to Ryan’s reps, he was never scheduled for Comic-Con and is overseas shooting a movie and there was no argument with Scarlett and he’s not a whiny bitch either.


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