Both Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were supposed to be at Comic-Con. She for Iron Man 2 and he as the newly minted Green Lantern to be paraded around for the comic faithful in advance of production. Comes with the superhero gig.

According to Fox411 however just before leaving for San Diego, they got into a nuclear scrap. Whiny bitch that he is, Ryan stomped his feet and decided he was cancelling, and refused to get on the plane.

Scarlett went ahead and performed her duties beautifully.

Warner executives meanwhile are supposedly pissed. They went through a lengthy casting process, are investing a lot in the franchise and, naturally, in Ryan as the face of the franchise, and are reportedly unimpressed that, already, he’s pulling some prima donna moves.

But you knew this already, right? If you’ve been reading this site – click here and here and here and here for example after example after example after example of his douchebaggery – you are already familiar with Ryan’s attitude problem.

He wants to be a big star. He’s incapable of big star decent behaviour.

This Comic-Con incident is just another example.

The studio isn’t happy. The studio is even unhappier that his image has already been tarnished. They’ll be sending him on an asskissing mission soon. Trust. See Ryan bend over. Can’t wait.

Thanks Babs!

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