Ryan Reynolds arrived back in LA yesterday after spending several months in Boston shooting R.I.P.D. which, as I understand it, is still not complete. According to photographers Ryan had to wait for his ride so he went for a walk along the curb. I guess he just really needed to stretch his legs, and put in his headphones, and think about how much he misses his girlfriend Blake Lively.

Or, OMG, maybe he was giving us a farewell lap! After all, just hours before, Bradley Cooper had succeeded him as the new Sexiest Man Alive. Perhaps this contemplative stroll was an opportunity for Ryan to reflect on the year of his reign, like all pageant winners do as they recall the places they’ve visited and the good deeds they’ve done during their time wearing the crown.

OK, now I’m just full of shit.

He does look good. Really good and, frankly, better than Bradley Cooper.  Speaking of that issue, there are a lot of rumours going around about who actually was the first choice for SMA. More on that later.

For now, for those of you in Vancouver, don’t forget a week from now you can win an opportunity to hang out with Ryan at the Covenant House Vancouver Gala. Click here for more information.