First sighted Ryan Reynolds becoming Brad Pitt about a month ago in LA. Today in New York, looks like Ryan is at it again: the hat, the jacket, the pants. I’d give Brad a slight edge on the pants but still…as far as imitators go, Ryan is far more worthy than that f*cking loser from a few years back who walked around Greece pretending to be Pitt.

You remember that idiot? Click here for a refresher.

And easy, easy Ryan fans… I’m not saying he’s deliberately imitating Brad, just noting the similarities. Besides, it doesn’t suck to be compared to Brad Pitt.

What does suck is being compared to Tila Tequila. Which is what I get all the time. Bisexual, skank Asian of the massage parlour variety who encourages dudes to jerk off to her image on MySpace. After all my mothers anti low classy efforts, this is what I’ve become.

Some people just can’t tell my people apart.

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