Ryan Reynolds, as of yesterday at least, is home in Vancouver, hanging out with family, some buddies, in Yaletown and Kitsilano. Apparently he was at the Yaletown Keg on Saturday, then moved over to the Yaletown Brew Co. And yesterday it was Local. These photos are from Sunday.

Brand new Chucks?

He looks good, right?

Ryan is in town for some down time presumably before promotion for his next release The Change-Up on August 5th. Is probably hoping for a win. Green Lantern, it’s just passed $100 million domestically and sits at almost $150 million worldwide but that’s still short of the $200 million budget. (Source) Most people acknowledge that Reynolds did what he could. But it wasn’t enough to compensate for the production, the effects, all of that was too distracting to save.

Still, the disappointment of Lantern doesn’t seem to have slowed Ryan’s career. Safe House with Denzel Washington is currently scheduled for February. There’s some voice work for a few animated features he’s already laid down, and he’s supposed to soon start on R.I.P.D. with Jeff Bridges and Jodie Foster. It’s based on a comic about a cop who is killed and but when he wakes up dead, he’s assigned to the Rest In Peace Division, like a police force for ghosts to make sure people who die go where they’re supposed to instead of hanging around on earth causing trouble.

Ryan gets paired up with Jeff Bridges as his partner. Jeff is from the 1800s. Some Western dude who has to show Ryan what things are like in the afterworld. Word is the script is hilarious, a mash-up between Men In Black and Ghostbusters. A few details from the screenplay have been released and, after reading it, I dunno I think it sounds pretty funny, especially picturing those two in their roles. Where Ryan Reynolds has always excelled is in chemistry-driven vehicles. If he and Jeff Bridges really light up, this could be some gold.

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to read more about R.I.P.D. You like it so far, right?

Also attached – here’s the red band trailer for The Change-Up. I like Jason Bateman SO much. But with these kinds of movies, and particularly when there’s no age difference, as in Freaky Friday, I always get so confused about the body switch. I’m too dumb to keep track of who is in which body and what character is speaking but looking like someone else. That aside, this trailer is better than the family-friendly one which was, frankly, rather underwhelming.

Photos from PUNKD Images