Lainey will tell you, I’ve been very reluctant to get sucked into the orbit of the Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Fox has already botched this character once, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I don’t trust them not to f*ck it up again. But a recent spate of information has piqued my curiosity. First up, there are light-of-day photos of Reynolds in the costume, and I like it. Deadpool is one of the comic book characters with a ludicrous suit, and making it work on screen is half the challenge. But I like the look of Reynolds in costume, and I like how it looks on film, too, even if that film is a bit for TV, which is only a fraction of what the full cinematic effect will be.

On April Fools Reynolds appeared on Extra and confirmed that Deadpool will be rated R. Now this I am interested in. Deadpool is “the merc with a mouth” in the comics, he’s a raunchy motor-mouth prone to hyper violence. That the movie will be R is promising that they’re going to capture the spirit and fun of the comics. I’m also super into the Saved By The Bell reference at the end—Deadpool is a highly entertaining character and THAT is the tone I’m looking for from this movie. Reynolds has been pushing to make this movie for years, and now that he finally is, he seems hell-bent on not blowing it. Please, please don’t blow it.