No one has had worse luck with superhero movies than Ryan Reynolds. He’s been in three superhero movies of varying levels of bad—Blade: Trinity, hilariously awful; Wolverine: Origins, spectacularly bad; Green Lantern, disastrous—and if you add the completely misguided R.I.P.D., a non-superhero comic book adaptation to his roster, he’s 0-4. But he has never given up on Deadpool, the character he played to no acclaim in X-Men: Origins – Wolverine (or however the f*ck that title is punctuated). And now, finally, after a lengthy process to get a greenlight that involved accidentally on purpose leaking test footage online, Ryan Reynolds has made his Deadpool movie and we have the trailer to prove it.

Or, actually, trailers. Reynolds went on Conan last night to debut the trailer that first played at Comic-Con (and leaked online in sh*tty cellphone form), in all its red band NSFW glory. Conan got a TV-MA stamp for the night to allow for the cursing and blood in the red band trailer, but Fox also tossed an MPAA-approved green band online. We’re talking about the red band, though, because it’s a better representation of the movie. This is “the merc with a mouth”, the fast-talking anti-hero who drops F-bombs and bodies with glee. Deadpool is hilarious, and he’s always been at the darker end of the spectrum, alongside Blade, Ghost Rider, and Punisher. That’s why he felt so out of place in Origins, where Reynolds had to play a watered down version of the character in order to satisfy a PG-13 rating—he’s been relentless about mocking how Deadpool was treated in that movie.

This is a great trailer that does a lot to allay my fears and skepticism for this project. There’s a lot of humor, all of it profane, and a good sampling of bloody violence, but also hints of the disappointment and betrayal that shade Deadpool’s backstory. The only thing I don’t like about it are Deadpool’s weird white eyes. It’s consistent with his comic book look, but I can’t help but picture Christopher Lloyd’s crazy cartoon eyes at the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? That’s a small quibble, though, because based on the trailer, Reynolds and the team behind Deadpool NAILED it.

(Lainey PS. “Posh Spice” is REALLY hot.)

Red band trailer, NSFW.