Ryan Reynolds showed up at the MTV Movie Awards to collect an award for Best Comedic Performance and Best Fight (with Ed Skrein) for Deadpool, which apparently now counts as a 2015 movie. He got a very hype entrance with a bunch of dancing Deadpools and Salt-N-Pepa performing “Shoop”, so it’s worth MTV’s blatant star f*cking in trade. I’ll put up with a lot of chicanery if it results in Salt-N-Pepa showing up.

I don’t always buy it when actors gush about how grateful they are for the fans, but I do believe Reynolds when he thanks the fans. His earnest gratefulness was a big selling point for Deadpool—he was obviously excited to get to do the movie, period, and had no higher pretensions than making a fun movie for people to enjoy. And it paid off—we live in a world where Deadpool is probably going to out-gross Superhero Face Punch (domestically). That has to be a sweet sort of vengeance for him after the failure of Green Lantern, but he’s been nothing but gracious during his victory lap.

He’s also really hot. Reynolds has never really been my cup of tea, but lately he’s working this hot dad thing that is getting it done. Here he is at the Movie Awards looking like the hot dad at the PTA meeting. At least, I assume there are dads that look like this at PTA meetings. I’ve never been to one (hashtag child-free @ thirty-three). I imagine if your life is a deleted scene from The OC the dads at PTA meetings look like this.