This has to stop: the aggressive photoshopping of magazine covers – even for men!

Yesterday it was Sarah Jessica Parker getting a computer face. Today, perhaps not so extreme but notable nonetheless, it’s Ryan Reynolds on the cover of Men’s Health. Something’s happening with his nose, I think. And those lines across his forehead look weird, like they’re sloping in a weird direction, a golf ball on the green that trickles toward the ocean. Sorry for the golf analogy. It’s almost that time again…

Anyway, also troubling about this cover (and stop letting your loins cloud your vision) is his super foundation face. We know he has great skin. Maybe it’s the lighting? It’s been set for flawed skin? Whatever. He looks like a f-cking Barbie. I prefer not to fantasise about plastic dolls.

Good news?

The pages inside are much less… digitised.

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