Those of you who've been reading my blog a while know I used to work at Covenant House Vancouver. Covenant House offers programmes and assistance for homeless and at-risk youth who are trying to turn it around. We provide food, shelter, clothing, and care to young people through our crisis centre. We offer support services through our drop-in. We walk the streets helping kids in need. And we have a long term assisted living facility called Rights of Passage for those who are almost there, and just need some structure before they achieve full independence.

Our youth are running from abuse, drugs, prostitution, neglect, and many suffer from mental health issues that have not been addressed. I host a benefit gala every year in the winter to raise money for the shelter over the holidays and Jacek and I volunteer at the phone bank and, when applicable, in the mentor programme. If you are interested in helping out, please do, and know it will change your life.

Yesterday, Ryan Reynolds dropped by Covenant House unannounced. He wanted to know more about the organisation. He toured through the building (that used to be me! That was my job!), he met our staff, he met some of our youth, he was sensitive and thoughtful, and there were no cameras. I'm told he was encouraged by the work that happens at CHV and that he was extremely kind and considerate to the youth workers who get up every day and, literally, save young lives, understanding that their commitment and dedication is often the first sign to the youth that if people believe in them, maybe they can start believing in themselves. We always say at Covenant House: it's not a hand out, it's a hand up.

To see a photo of Ryan at Covenant House Vancouver, click here.

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