His odds were 15 – 1. So it’s not like this was a longshot. I am surprised though. Because Green Lantern is still 8 months from release and because he’s Canadian...although I guess when you marry an American, Americans are more inclined to consider you one of their own.

I know. I hear you. I hear you shouting about Jon Hamm and the injustice. But you were warned. And you can stick your fingers in your ears and refuse to accept this but the fact is, Jon Hamm is still not yet a Movie Star. He’s not a Leading Man. And that’s the most important lesson we need to remember here for years to come: the Sexiest Man Alive has never, ever been a tv star. Patrick Dempsey had to eat this 4 years ago, and Jon Hamm is eating it now.

Also... you’ll note from the People Magazine cover story posted today that Reynolds participated in the feature. More often than not, they want their SMA to offer up some exclusives – photos, quotes, etc. Which is why, unless his career suddenly plummets, Leonardo DiCaprio is never going to accept this crown.

And, of course, conveniently, Reynolds’s team and his studio smartly decided to drop the Green Lantern trailer at the same time. It’s below. Note that Blake Lively’s bad acting is so distracting the first time she appears has to take his pants off to make up for how much she sucks. For real. “This test today is important.” Dude, Mike Tyson could read that line better than she can.

This of course is also the first time everyone is seeing that digital suit. And suddenly there are so many suits! I think the suit looks good. I’m not a fanboy geek but to me it looks good. The voice overs worry me though. Definitely not feeling the voice over. And at first glance I wonder if outer space or wherever it is that his other lanterns are hanging out doesn’t look too video game-y. The thing is, the buzz has been so strong about Lantern, and I’m told Warner Bros is SO happy with it, I wonder if it’s just a poorly cut trailer. And if that’s the case, well, cut a better f-cking trailer.

Having said that, and bringing it back to Reynolds, this is his time to prove that he can be It. You see It in the final frame when he shouts “I know, right?” There is when I buy It. At that moment. And, believe it or not, It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s wearing a skin tight bodysuit that shows every bulge.