Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool opens on Friday. Reviews so far have been pretty good. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago – click here for a refresher – I’m not sure he’s worked as hard at promotion as he has on this press tour. It feels like there’s been some kind of new video every day. He’s been all over social media. He’s been funny and pranky and quippy on talk shows and at junkets and, well, everywhere. Understandable, given his career the last few years. He’s tried independent films, smaller dramas, but Deadpool will be the moment, non? If Deadpool delivers, he’s back to where he was after The Proposal and before Green Lantern.

Here he is with Blake Lively in New York last night. Apparently this is their first red carpet together since the birth of their daughter, James. Deadpool has been a family event though. Blake too has been hustling for it on her accounts. And they were certainly working for it in front of the cameras at the event. She’s wearing Chanel. It’s a Chanel that feels kinda dated, non?

Two years ago, the Chanel small-waist dress was a thing. Keira Knightley did it:

Rihanna did it:

And Keira did it again:

The way Blake’s doing it is probably my least favourite. Because of that material. And her shoes. And the too-obvious one-side hair styling.