Keeping a relationship together is hard enough without the pressure of fame, as Ryan Reynolds knows all too well. Add to that the massive amount of travel required for actors and you wonder how they manage to build any rhythm at all. I know this too, especially recently as my travel schedule this year has been all kinds of jacked and it’s really really a major commitment that you have to make to stay strong and connected during the absences.

Jacek and I have been married now almost ten years so obviously we want to put in the energy required as an investment in our relationship, but what about for two people who’ve only just started?
Charlize Theron and Ryan Reynolds have been dating just a few months. Recently Ryan’s been promoting Green Lantern and has flown home to Vancouver and he’s about to start press for The Change Up. Here he is yesterday in Madrid looking almost too GQ. Charlize, meanwhile, has been back and forth to London to prep Snow White and the Huntsman and was at Comic-Con yesterday with Damon Lindelof for Prometheus which, sidebar, everyone wants to know what it really is. God, she makes a pair of shoes and skinny jeans look good, non? No doubt they find their private time but lately there may be not that much of it.

Photos from Richie Buxo/ and Kevin Winter/