Ryan Reynolds has two movies coming out next week – the animated Turbo and RIPD with Jeff Bridges. He was on The Today Show this morning promoting one of them. Before the summer box office season began, many predicted that RIPD might end up on the bomb list by the time everything had been totalled. The schedule is always so crowded, people get fatigued by so many BIG BANG MOVIES being released one after the other. And no one wanted to count out the BIG BANG MOVIE STARS like Will Smith and Johnny Depp.

Well, ahem, I predicted After Earth would be sh-t. And it was. No one really expected The Lone Ranger to perform as poorly as it did and it was sh-t too. Now, at the halfway point of the summer, RDJ is King, Smith, Depp, and Channing Tatum too are looking at major losses, and Brad Pitt’s just happy he broke even, barely.

So if RIPD sucks? Well, Ryan Reynolds can say that some others sucked harder. And if it doesn’t suck, he can say hahaha, if he wants to. The difference though is that even though their projects keep sucking, Smith, Depp, and Tatum will be offered more. Nobody in the business is giving up on those three in the summer because they have previous wins on their resumé.

Ryan Reynolds? Even the writer of his new cover feature in DETAILS this month, who spends most of the article man-crushing on him, acknowledges that Reynolds’s level of fame isn’t really backed up by his work. The Green Lantern was a bust. He’s never carried a blockbuster on his own. And, as the journalist notes, we know him mostly because of his love life: Alanis Morrissette, Scarlett Johansson, and now Blake Lively.

Reynolds has been taking on smaller, more character-driven films lately. He worked with Atom Egoyan earlier this year and spent the last couple of months in Berlin shooting a drama called The Voices. It’s a better strategy. It’s not unlike Jake Gyllenhaal’s strategy after The Prince Of Persia disappointment. Not everyone was meant to be Tom Cruise.

Click here for more from Reynolds in DETAILS. He talks about wanting 5 kids with Blake Lively. And what it was like growing up with his brothers. Not the most riveting celebrity profile. More like the Bedford, New York (where he and Blake have a home) of celebrity profiles.