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Thanks to all of you who sent this in – the New York Times posted an article yesterday about the house in the movie The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock. The family that owns the house was profiled because, for 3 weeks, the cast and crew took over their property. Very interesting read, definitely some insight into moviemaking. And also yet another example of Ryan Reynolds’s bitch personality.

Those of you who’ve been reading the last couple of months are probably familiar with his f-ckery. And still, because he’s supposedly so goodlooking, some of you refuse to believe it.

Believe it.

His personality is the sh-ts.

Apparently during the shoot, Sandra Bullock and Betty White and most members of the cast were approachable and personable and friendly and polite, understanding that they’d taken over the family’s home, and did their best to communicate their appreciation.

Who do you think was the lone holdout?

One simple sentence in the article says it all:

Except for Mr. Reynolds, who seemed to be preoccupied between takes with text-messaging Scarlett Johansson — they became engaged during the filming — the actors all went out of their way to reach out.

Now read between the lines. This is not a detail that HAD to be included. It would have worked either way. It would have worked withOUT the Ryan Reynolds part. But the fact that it’s there, and muted, is the huge neon sign alerting the reader to the fact that the interviewee probably very pointedly singled out Ryan as a suckass. Which is why the writer had to slip it in there.

What’s with the f-cking attitude?

Will be interesting to watch how his team, over the next few months, tries to shove him down your throat as the sweetest, granny-loving, dog-petting guy ever.

Read the full article here

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