Ryan Reynolds wants to go to the Oscars

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Did it surprise you how visible Ryan Reynolds was in December? It’s not like he was promoting a movie. Wait, no. That’s wrong. It’s not like he was promoting a NEW movie. He was not promoting a new movie. He was promoting a movie that came out… last February. Deadpool, of course.

In December, Ryan was at Critics’ Choice,and won big. Then, of course, you all remember this – he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and he and Blake brought out their daughters...for the very first time and people lost their minds. And then, a couple of days after that, Ryan was back in New York for a Deadpool screening and Q&A.

It’s available on DVD! And on demand! Nobody needs to go to MOMA to see Deadpool!

But that wasn’t the point. When these photos of him at that event came out, I emailed Sarah to the effect of, holy sh-t, he is going for it, that Oscar nomination. And the way he’s playing this, he might just get there.

You know what happened right after that MOMA Deadpool screening? Somehow it came out what his youngest daughter’s name is: Ines. And, as Duana wrote at the time, it was all about timing. And purpose. This was December 21st! Everyone’s packed up, gone home for the holidays, nobody’s working….but Ryan Reynolds, right down to the wire, is making every moment count.

Ryan covers the current issue of Variety, the current issue during the week of the Golden Globes, when Oscar voters are paying attention. The article is all about his dedication to Deadpool, how it saved him, and what it cost him – both emotionally and financially – to make.

Ryan Reynolds covers Variety

This cover is unfortunate though, non? “Hollywood in Mourning” right over his head? Maybe it’s just me, too superstitious. The point is, Ryan Reynolds wants to take Deadpool to the Oscars. And he’s not pretending that he isn’t. Check what he tweeted yesterday:

Everybody loved those Deadpool promo videos. And he’s just promised a new one if his movie gets nominated. You really can’t get more obvious. And I can’t say I’m mad at it. Better this than the alternative, like doing all of this and camouflaging it, fronting like there was no effort, like trying is beneath him. Ryan Reynolds is trying. Very hard. And not calling it by any other name.

So. Ryan will be at the Globes on Sunday as a nominee and as a presenter. And I can’t see him not going with Blake Lively. The way he’s hustling, the way she’s capable of hustling, I can’t see them not showing up together and dazzling the sh-t out of that carpet on their way to the Oscars. 

Lars Niki / Getty Images

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