Rosie & Kelly: Torn between the Maybe Gaybe Claybe

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 21, 2006 12:00:00 November 21, 2006 12:00:00
Only a Queen like Clay could inspire this much controversy. On Friday he disrespected Kelly Ripa, on Monday she went on a 3 minute rant about his impropriety, taking issue with him putting his unclean hands over her mouth, today Rosie O’Donnell criticised her for being homophobic, and they went at each other this morning on The View – well, kind of. The conversation was actually quite diplomatic. They both expressed love for each other, the guest co-host was totally on Kelly’s side, and Kelly came off very, very, very persuasively and it ended very, very, very amicably, definitely not as dramatic as it"s been made out to be. Unfortunately. See Perez for a clip of the exchange. So do I think Rosie’s right? Do I think Kelly’s homophobic? Well…yes to the first, no to the second. Would Kelly have reacted the same way with Mario Lopez, as Rosie points out? No, of course not. But she also wouldn’t have reacted the same way with Elton John or Lance Bass or TR Knight or Ryan Seacrest (hee) or Wentie Miller (more hee.) All gay, all not Clay. It’s CLAY at question here…not the fact that he’s a homo but the fact that he comes wrapped in a smutty little package that includes trolling through chat rooms looking for cock, much in the same way that Tommy Lee swaggers through a bar on pussy patrol, and in the same way Tara Reid stumbles across a red carpet jonesing for a cocktail. The common denominator here is DIRTY. So on the question of preferential treatment – yes, absolutely, Kelly was indeed biased. But what she biased on the basis of gayness? Me? I don’t think so. And trust me, y’all know I love the ‘Mos. I do however admire how Rosie has not been hesitant to call it as SHE sees it. All too often, even on her old show, television hosts are afraid to pull the anti-Oprah. There is a line of nice. They will not cross that line of nice. Rosie, the loudmouth beloved bitch that she is, doesn’t seem to heed that line. As a result, I adore her for it. PS. Ummm…last time I checked, Maybe Gaybe Claybe says he ain’t a maybe gaybe claybe? He’s straight..remember? or did Rosie just out him!!!

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