Ryan Seacrest is so successful because he's the guy who gets it, right? He laughed it off when Simon Cowell mocked him and they became a comic duo. He sees what the world loves in the Kardashians and lovingly exploits their exploits all the way to the bank. He's trusted by all. He laughs in the face of almost everything.

So um...what gives?  

You know when The Dictator approaches on the craziest media day of the year that he's not merely going to shake your hand. You know this. Given how many warnings and media alerts and discussions there were about whether or not he would come in costume and what that would mean, you knew there was going to be something coming. I was expecting exposed balls, frankly.  

So here comes The Dictator, his girls on his arm like he's Gwen Stefani all of a sudden, and he dumps the ashes of Kim Jong Il on Ryan Seacrest.

Who looks like he's about to cry.  

Are you kidding me??

You're the guy. You're the media guy whose whole job is predicated on being there when everything happens. Covering everything. And then you're cranky because, in the course of doing that interview, meeting The Dictator for the first time, you got a little messy?  

Please. Giuliana and Kelly, who were watching remotely, rightly thought that it was not only hysterical but kind of an honor that it happened to Ryan. But all he could do was whine that is was “Bisquick”, as though that was some kind of a dirty-word type of pancake mix, the most offensive brand imaginable. “Bisquick.”

And then - and then!  Cut back to him, and he's in a new, clean jacket.  I assumed that he had ripped it off one of his camera guys (have we mentioned they all have to be in black tie?  It's adorable). But then Dylan told me otherwise.  etalk is right beside Seacrest on the carpet, and they watched as the whole thing went down, and then watched as Seacrest changed into his other tux jacket.   

You know, the one he carries with him to events, just in case.

Are you KIDDING me.  

You have a spare jacket, your bouffant hairdo is still perfectly rolled, Duckie-style, you can wipe off your patent shoes, so...because you felt like being a crybaby you missed the moment and your security muscles him off in a very dramatic move and you continue to spit "Bisquick"?

This...is going to be the defining moment of your Oscar night? Apparently he was laughing about it later, but let me tell you that's not how it came across on e!

Dylan later shot Ben Mulroney, etalk's host, interviewing Ryan about the ... “incident”, where he decided to pretend he couldn't remember the name of that scampish rascal who plays The Dictator. Sounds like he realized he overreacted, but you'll have to watch etalk tonight to see if he actually comes off as being over it.  

People show you who they are when they're under stress. We know now that Ryan likes to keep his clothes clean. A lot. That's fine.But it also shows he can't take a joke unless it's carefully orchestrated and not going to get him messy.