Acting like a frat boy and looking to score – How.Sad.

Divorce is an awful thing, yes. But sometimes it"s the better thing. And for Reese, if this is what she would have had to stay married to, being apart from him is probably a wonderful thing.

Tales of Ryan Phillippe’s pathetic exploits in LA, hanging out the other night at the Chateau Marmont, this is apparently how he works his magic:

"He started screaming at these girls, "Hey, you're hot! Get over here!"” Shockingly enough, would you believe it? The girls actually told him to beat it. Can you imagine? Girls in LA, who will roll with anything, actually turning down Ryan Phillippe?

You know at this point gossips, there’s only one thing left, right?

Paris Hilton.Carb Face and Hollywood Ebola.

They deserve each other. I hope it happens.