Dear Gossips,

Have you started listening to S-Town yet? Have you already finished S-Town? I just got through chapter 3 on the ride into work this morning. And now all I can think about is when I’ll be able to get through the rest. I don’t want to say much more in case you’ve been saving S-Town for the weekend. But we need to talk soon about S-Town. Also I need to know if the “deer” comment in chapter 2 was as funny to you as it was to me.

Another major priority this weekend: the series finale of Big Little Lies. Reese Witherspoon spoke to VOGUE earlier this week about the show. She talked about how the ocean has been a character on the show. Right to the end of the show. I’ve read the book so I know how it’s supposed to end. But the show hasn’t exactly followed the book. And besides, I care so much less about who dies anyway than about everything that’s adjacent to the death. Which is what so many people have said about Big Little Lies – the “mystery” is the least interesting part of the story. Who are these women before the mystery? And who will they become after?

I guess this open today is just turning into me harassing you to watch, listen, and read because on top of S-Town and Big Little Lies can you PLEASSSSSE read The Hate U Give? It’s now been at the top of the NY Times bestseller list for four straight weeks. The Atlantic said this week that it’s now “entered the ranks of great YA novels”. The book is being donated to high schools and public libraries. It is a book for these times. We will be talking about it for a long time.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. And for those of you in Canada, don’t forget, it’s the JUNO Awards on Sunday, 630pm on CTV! Feist is doing the Leonard Cohen tribute. Russell Peters and Bryan Adams are hosting. Sarah McLachlan is performing. And also A Tribe Called Red. And Shawn Mendes. And Alessia Cara. And more.