Written by Jacek

Christopher Walken was photographed in NY the other day looking…old (attached). I love Chris Walken. An amazing career. Wicked comedic timing. And he’s managed to stay relevant over a long period of time in an industry that quickly forgets and leaves people behind.

But as long as his resume is, if you ask most guys my age about Walken’s work, without fail they’ll cite (and unfortunately attempt to reenact) one of two SNL characters/skits: The Continental or fame producer Bruce Dickinson, who puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us, except once they’re on, he makes gold records.

NBC does a pretty good job of scraping the internet of SNL clips, but if you missed that Blue Oyster Cult piece I found this mirror imaged clip of it (it’s reversed for some reason). Classic.

Everyone always looks back 10-15 years and says “Man, SNL isn’t what it used to be...back when ________ was on…bla bla bla”. They say it now. They said it 15 years ago, and they’ll say it 15 from now. So I disagree. The current cast of SNL is good. Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig are as funny as anyone has been in the last 20 years. Kenan Thompson has been kicking some ass lately. And the rest of the cast is solid.

But if I have one criticism of the current cast it's that they’re all too polished. They are all pros at what they do. Timing, Delivery. They’ve gone over it, know it, and they execute. I want to see a little less control.

I used to love it when Jimmy Fallon would lose it the moment he made eye contact with Will Ferrell. Or Will with Darrell. Or during any given skit, someone else coming unglued cause they just couldn’t contain their own laughter. At times it used to seem like they were purposely trying to screw each other up just so they’d laugh.

Check out this skit (which I believe never made it on to the live show) featuring Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond. I love it.

So SNL folks…if you’re listening…can you go out and try to f-ck each other up next week? I love laughing at you laughing.

Written by Jacek
Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com