She’s indefensible, no argument there. And she makes poor choices. Because she’s dumb. So people take advantage of her. They use her, they exploit her, then they sell her out. Is she accountable? For sure. But don’t you feel a little sorry for her…not even just a little? The latest debacle: Isaac Cohen has sold his story to The News of the World, sharing explicit details of their month-long relationship including how often they had sex, what she was like during sex, what she was like after sex, how she liked her sex, how she didn’t like her body, and of course, how hurt she is that people are turning on her. Well no sh-t, asshole. Another example of a celebrity who has never had a true friend. Why is it that the ones with no friends are always the ones who are so f&cking stupid? Click here to read how Isaac backstabbed Britney - mercifully the last time he’ll ever make a headline.