Some loser from Turkey is claiming he is the real life inspiration behind Borat – convenient now that the movie has broken records at the box office. Mahir Cagri is a freelance journalist who dresses up in embarrassingly unflattering swimwear to entice women over the internet: "Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate ... She can stay my home."" And even though Sacha Baron Cohen has previously indicated that the Borat character was modeled after a Russian doctor, Mahir is convinced that he is the real fool behind the farce and, naturally, suing for damages. As you can see however, Mahir is nowhere near as hot at my Borat. But probably just as opportunistic. Which is why he’s now taking his extortion on the road, on his way to London for a Borat Showdown, no doubt providing great fodder for the sequel should there be one, pray Thetan. Source and photo from DListed