Isn"t it plain as day why I want to make a sexy time with this man? Here"s my Borat in Amsterdam on promo for his movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan:/ opening November 3rd, also the day my man hits it huge. Borat was the hottest ticket at the Toronto International Film Festival. Borat has been the hottest ticket everywhere. And no, not just among degenerate freaks like me. In Toronto, when Sasha Baron Cohen ducked into the Hugo Boss party for Stranger Than Fiction, every star at the venue wanted to meet him...including Emma Thompson and Will Ferrell. When I interviewed Dustin Hoffman on the red carpet at the Burberry event, he told me he was most excited to see his "friend" Sasha Baron Cohen"s movie, and do I need to tell you what my husband is dressing up as for Halloween? Crazy thing is though, Sasha Baron Cohen is SOOO super lowkey in person. Wait. Maybe not so crazy. Just interesting. And I"m telling you - really, really sexy. Anyway...please gossips...see Borat. If you"re not easily offended, you will love it. If you are, stay away and stick to Oprah. Photo source