Sacha Baron Cohen dropped by Letterman last night to promote Bruno. Up to now, almost all of his interviews have been in character. Not for Letterman. At least not this time. Letterman was ok with Borat, but Letterman doesn’t appear to have wanted to meet Bruno so Sacha talked to Letterman as Sacha, arriving at the studios in non-Bruno clothing, looking great in a suit and hat, but getting back into costume upon departure.

Judging from the clip below, it looks like Dave really likes him. I would love to be liked by Dave. The only thing that bothers me about Dave is that he keeps bringing that f-cking Ebola onto his programme. Am choosing to believe he’s forced by the studio to do this.

Anyway Isla Fisher also came along for the ride, Bruno’s last push before this weekend’s opening. Will you see it?

Photos from and Jackson Lee/