They’ve not given us an official shot of Prince Big George in a while, maybe until they can get him under control. But he’s not the only royal baby on the scene.

The entire royal family of Monaco was out today to celebrate National Day. I posted photos of Prince Albert and Serenity earlier – click here for a refresher.

Until Serenity gives birth to the twins though, it’s Princess Caroline who’s next in line to the Monegasque throne. Then Andrea Casiraghi. And then his son, Alexandre, they call him Sacha. Errm. Is that weird? Albert’s illegitimate son’s name is Alexandre too. Sacha is 3 months older than Big G.

Anyway, check it out – Sacha is really, really cute too. Just as cute as Big G. And, it appears, pretty well behaved. Like, more well behaved than we’ve seen from Big G. Look at him, obediently hanging out and not crying or punching anyone.

Oh wait. Never mind.

There’s an expression on his face. This kid is already giving a glare-eye. Holy sh-t, it’s a really good glare-eye too. Can you imagine if Sacha and Big G become friends?

Sacha will be better dressed, for sure.