Thanks for all of your emails clarifying Francois-Henri Pinault’s financial stature, providing perhaps a more wellrounded explanation into their hook up? Cynical bitch me…yes. Francois-Henri he’s the CEO of PPR – major luxury goods company that owns Gucci, YSL, and other department chains etc. In other words, he’s not only wealthy…he’s OBSCENELY wealthy. And in the chicest way possible. His father is Francois Pinault and his father’s company has, at one time or another, owned Converse, Samsonite, Vail, and Christie’s – as in the auction house. So, like, did he just get better looking? And younger looking too? He’s 45 years old on paper. Looks probably a decade more…but the question is – who f&cking cares? She’s always seemed UNfrivolous to me, you know? Very practical, very determined, with a bigger brain than ever her breasts, a woman who loves with her head and less with her heart? Or maybe I’m much much much too superficial and shallow? Maybe Salma is in love, genuinely in love, and just happens to love one of the richest men in the world? Lucky bitch. So there’s your question: Salma Hayek: Passionate…or Pragmatic.