In yesterday’s revealing post about Salma Hayek, she was spotted with her baby daddy Francois Henri Pinault but didn’t look like she wanted to be seen with him. Now we know the reason.

Apparently he’s everybody’s baby daddy!

Rachida Dati, Justice Minister of France, just had a baby girl. Initially President Sarkozy was considered one of the father candidates but those suspicions have quickly been killed. And apparently Carla Bruni and Rachida hate each other but that’s another story altogether.

Everyone now is pointing the finger at Pinault. He and Salma split around the time Rachida announced her pregnancy and while she refuses to reveal the identity of dad, in France it’s a foregone conclusion.

Interestingly enough, Linda Evangelista has also never publicly confirmed her child’s paternity and they say that Pinault knocked her up too.

And then there’s Salma who reportedly left Pinault as soon as she found out….because she can back her bitch up with a set of balls. This is the difference between Salma and Posh. Of course she was also pragmatic enough to make sure, as John Mayer would say, the pecuniary details are well taken care of.


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