It’s been rumoured for a long time – that Francois Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek’s husband, and super rich CEO of PPR which owns major labels like Gucci, McQueen, McCartney, Balenciaga, and more, is also the father of Linda Evangelista’s 4 year old son Augustin. This was confirmed by Page Six in a child support filing last week. I covered this story briefly back in 2009 when Pinault was suspected of being the father of Rachida Dati, then Justice Minister of France. Click here if you’d like to revisit that article.

Augustin was apparently conceived when Pinault and Salma were on a break. He and Salma did indeed separate quite publicly before reconciling and subsequently conceiving their 3 year old daughter Valentina and eventually marrying. Wealthy Euros don’t use condoms?

So was Salma not aware?


Salma is not Charlene Wittstock. Of course she knew. Knowing may have been the very incentive she needed. After all, her child is the “official” Pinault. She is Mrs Pinault even though Linda was knocked up FIRST. I have always said that Salma is a pragmatic woman. She and Valentina secured security. It’s Linda who’s seeking it through the courts. And Salma would have had Pinault on his knees for the privilege.

If there’s still any question whether or not Salma had knowledge of it – here she is with Henri and Valentina in West Hollywood on the same day the Evangelista story broke. You don’t think the paps just happened to luck out there, do you?

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