Valentina’s parents were married on Saturday in Paris at the City Hall. He’s a billionaire and she’s a diva star and they marry at the City Hall. LOVE it. More celebrities should marry at the City Hall!

So after breaking up last year Salma Hayek and Francois Henri-Pinault, who has denied that he fathered Rachida Dati’s baby, made it official… which means Star Magazine, as usual, was reporting out of its ass about Salma and Colin Farrell hooking up after the Globes. Or perhaps it was her final single romp, like an even-up f-ck to cancel out Henri’s maybe infidelity. Many people in France are still convinced Dati’s child is his.

Regardless, it’s Salma who’s become the main lady. And her child who is the main heir to a massive fortune. As always, Salma chose pragmatism over passion. Why not? In these circles, there is always something on the side.

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