Salma Hayek turns 42 in September. Bitch doesn’t look a day over 30. And next to Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman, Salma could pass for a zygote.

Seriously... that skin is amazing!

Salma went shopping yesterday in Malibu with baby Valentina, 9 months old. You will note, Salma did NOT pimp her kid pics off to a tabloid. But then again, she has enough money.

Salma is now one of the most powerful women in entertainment and Valentina’s paternal grandpa is a billionaire. As in ranked 34th richest dude in the world – that kind of billionaire.

Salma doesn’t seem happy to see the paps. Wonder if this is the same stone cold face she uses at work on Ugly Betty? Word is, she’s not exactly a pleasure to work for.

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