It was the most wonderfully awkward interview. Dave does that thing he’s so good at doing – he mocks her but also adores her, and he doesn’t understand her, but he really isn’t trying either, and as a result, her amazingness was allowed to flourish for us all. This is good tv.

Did you watch Salma Hayek Pinault on Letterman last night? He asked her about the “Pinault”, about her recent transition to the name, and then for some reason she decided to segue into her animals. How many times does she have to tell us that she owns a ranch??? They’re for her rescue horses.

This is followed by a conversation about bug eating, and then it’s onto the snake. She totally re-enacts the snake. And she gets more and more animated talking about the snake. There’s even a finger snap tossed in there for the of course I can’t find the f-cking clip online.

However, these 7 minutes should give you an idea. I am in love with her so much. Especially when she looks as good as she did last night, with her tits heaving and that skin, under some impressively flattering studio lights, and her little accent and the way she mixes up her words - she said delicatessen instead of delicacy and my lady wood was alerted.

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