Have you read the recent New York Times piece on Salma Hayek? I ate up every word. They interview her in Paris at a photo shoot. Then they go to Café de Flore. And she goes on about how she’s a housewife now. A proper Parisian housewife, married to the man who owns Balenciaga and McQueen and Stella McCartney etc etc etc, who cooks dinner every night.

At the same time, she’s running a media empire, with tv shows and movies, but smaller movies now because they’re so small budget-y and gritty, and also… soon…launching her own beauty line called Nuance. Which will not be sold at high end stores but at… CVS! Because she wants to make her Mexican skin secrets affordable. All while stomping around in her accent insisting that she was a “late bloomer” and that’s why her tits are so big. Come on, you love it.

Salma’s grandmother died without a wrinkle on her face. And her mother, who makes an appearance, also has the same genes. You already know what Salma looks like. In other words, straight up I’m sold. Buying.

Sometimes you read an article and you wish, so badly, you could have been there while it was going down. This is one of those times. I want to see a candid Salma issuing orders, batting her eyelashes cutting tomatoes. Or talking with another mommy at the playground. Yes, this actually happens.

Click here to read it. Promise you won’t be bored.