You know those style rules you grow up hearing? People like this shouldn’t wear things like that. People with these shouldn’t wear those. Short girls with hips shouldn’t attempt wide leg jeans. I am short with hips. I would never. EVER. Oh hi Jessica Simpson.

Salma Hayek did it the other day though and it worked. Click here for a refresher. And she seems to be on a roll with the wide leg situation too. She was spotted in Boston in another pair, a lighter pair, and again, while it’s not my favourite choice on her, it doesn’t look sh-t. Somehow Salma, who is very, very short, can pull this off with an ass. Also, even though I can’t see her feet, which usually really bugs me, it doesn’t bother me so much here. How did she DO that? (I think this should be a regular feature on my blog. See Blake Lively.)

Salma was visiting the set of Adam Sandler’s I Hate You Dad. She and Sandler worked together previously of course on Grown Ups. And she’s been working on another comedy Here Comes the Boom with another Sandler co-star Kevin James which... really? Is he funny? Why do his movies make money?

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