The Outlander guy, live

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 27, 2015 17:47:23 March 27, 2015 17:47:23

I was wondering why there were all these horny women standing outside our building this morning…

Sam Heughan was at etalk today. I walked by on my way to pee and recognised the hair. The interview will air on April 7th. Discussion points: his charitable contributions, his upcoming projects, Scotland, his fans (they call themselves Heughlihans, OMG), and “knee porn”.

So I posted this on Twitter…



…and promised that I’d tell you more about it.

Is he nice? Very. Kind, polite, engaging, humble. Right now he’s not a super big deal yet. So right now he’s in that sweet spot. Hopefully he can hold on to that. Hopefully he’ll always be as fun about “knee porn”, not taking himself too seriously.

Is he hot? The hair isn’t my thing. But I get it, it’s for the role. And his face, in person, it’s just SO beautiful that up close, it’s easy to block the hair out and focus on his features. Sam Heughan is super pretty. I don’t care where you’re from, that is a universal face. Also he was wearing the sh-t out of his suit. So people basically had to dry themselves off afterwards.

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