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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 13, 2013 16:40:57 August 13, 2013 16:40:57

Sasha, do you mind looking for tuxedo pants, but the twist is i want them patterned.  I'm on a budget so please nothing too expensive. Thank you, V.

Ohhhh I like where you’re going with this!  I don’t think I’ve ever gone on the hunt for a printed tuxedo pant so I’ll stop talking and get searching!

I’m all about getting a lot of wear out of any new piece and that’s exactly why I’m all over these LAMB pants (1)!  They’ll easily take you from the boardroom to the bar and in other good news they’re on sale!

Sasha Finds: Patterned Tuxedo Pants

Trend Report: Pajama dressing is still happening, but this time it’s called lux lounge; whatever you wanna call it, sign me up!  The key to pulling this off properly though is to make sure you go with a high end fabric and silk is always the answer.  And V, I’ve found some standouts for you here (2), here (3), and here (4).

Sasha Finds: Patterned Tuxedo Pants

Spring is right around the corner and that means a brighter, lighter color palette for all and these floral coral colored pants are a hit (5) in my books!

Sasha Finds: Patterned Tuxedo Pants


V, along with having fun with the print you can also spice shit up with something like a bright piping along the sides and this next find checks off both of those fashion boxes! Take a look here (6).

Finally if you want to keep things subdued yet still pack a style punch then these (7) Madewell pants are the flyness. The tonal leopard print is right on point and an easy match for the rest of your outfit!

Sasha Finds: Patterned Tuxedo Pants

Thanks for writing in and i hope you find something you love!  Keep your questions coming to [email protected].


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