Last night was all about Sam Smith’s coat. That coat! It took me back. Back to 80s London pop. Before Rick Astley was properly appreciated. Before he became an internet meme. I haven’t been Rick-rolled in so long I almost miss it. Sam Smith was like the baby Rick and Boy George always wanted to have together.

At the MTV VMAs three months ago, Sam Smith was Katy Perry’s. Katy wasn’t there last night. She spent more energy putting together the fruits and vegetables that made up her outfit in the thank you video than she did on actually thanking her fans. We’ll get to Katy later. In Katy’s absence, Sam was seated beside Taylor Swift instead. Please don’t tell me you don’t think Taylor has the power to dictate the seating plan. If she didn’t want to sit beside Sam Smith, she would not have been sitting beside Sam Smith.

Sam Smith has been brought into the circle: