Ok not quite. And it definitely won't be next year for Fifty Shades Of Grey. But she's getting there. The negativity about the movie isn't about the direction. In fact, she's coming out looking pretty good. I've heard more and more actors are interested in working with her. And you heard Dakota Johnson last night right? They don't know what the sequels are going to look like right now because of the EL James drama and the longer this goes on the worse it gets for James because with these rumours and this alleged reputation, who's going to want to work on this now if nothing changes re: her control demands?

My Obsession on the other hand, I don't worry about them. I'm looking at them at Vanity Fair and hoping they were able to spend some time with Lupita and Jared, see if that might become a Thirty Seconds To Fifty Shades music video one day.