London premiere of Fifty Shades Of Grey. You going tonight, or what? Don’t pretend you’re not. Last night the movie set an R-rated record with $8.6 million at the box office. Entertainment Weekly is projecting $93 million for the four day weekend. That includes many of you. If you missed my review yesterday, click here and click here for my thoughts on what it would have been like if Charlie Hunnam was in it. Oh and click here for my commentary on Sam Taylor-Johnson’s direction.

She and Aaron, my Obsession, walked the carpet together last night, naturally. And, well, she has great style, Sam. She has access to great designers. They’re willing to dress her. She has It.

So… what happened here?

What’s with the unimaginative black sequins. And the F-CKING SHOES. Christ Jesus, what are these shoes? Do they go with a French manicure???