I was in Toronto for TIFF until September 18, away from home for 2 weeks. I was ready to go home. But 5 days later, Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson were expected in town to promote Nowhere Boy. I wasn’t about to stay, but it did suck hard that the timing didn’t work. They’re my obsession, of course I would have wanted to interview my obsession.

Am told in person they are very affectionate, genuinely in love. But then again I don’t think anyone ever doubted that. It’s the Next part that’s so intriguing.

The baby is apparently very, very cute. He is really, really pretty. And they are travelling North America together promoting this film which is only now hitting theatres here.

Last night Sam and Aaron were in Hollywood for a screening. They’re starting to look the same to me. I just want to know if she’s having the same conversations, the same ones she would have had 15 years ago, with other people, conversations he’s only just having now because, well, he’s 20 and would have never previously had a chance. Are those conversations more interesting the second time around? Fascinating.

Photos from Amanda Edwards/Gettyimages.com