If you’ve been following my blog, for weeks and weeks now I’ve been obsessed with Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson. Obsessed.

She’s 43 and he’s 19. And they’re engaged. And she’s pregnant with his baby. Please. It’s delicious. And their relationship has now already been featured twice in People Magazine this week, first focusing on Aaron’s point of view (he says he’s an old soul and Sam’s a young soul and as such they’re perfect together), and now from Sam’s vantage on the heels of her feature story in Harper’s Bazaar. So the MiniVan, the North American MiniVan, they are judging her now.

Sam’s argument is that if she were a man it would be irrelevant, and no one would pay it the attention the situation is receiving. I don’t disagree. If she were a man sleeping with a hot 18 year old, other men would be like – goddamn, keep on. But she’s a woman sleeping with a hot now 19 year old, and other women are like – you’re a sick bitch.

I don’t think she’s a sick bitch. Neither do her famous friends. Like Elton John and Stella McCartney. This is a woman who moves in a certain society, obviously not the MiniVan. And while I don`t necessarily have a moral objection to her love affair etc, I just want to know about her plans when he changes, because she`s the constant right now, and he`s the variable, and when happens then?

Click here for the full article. It’s a good read. Given her background, I’m curious to see if you’ll change your mind.

Photos from Wenn.com